Strip Memory with Geneva, Sassy, and Dylan

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I can’t help it. Call me a chubby chaser if you like, but I really like Geneva. She’d never been nude on camera before, but in her very first game, she ended up stark naked as two far more experienced players rubbed her glistening body with baby oil. Now that she’s had a taste of naked embarrassment, it’s time to kick things up a notch. The losers of this game of Strip Memory will end up with their faces buried in each other’s pussies while the winner films them.

This game isn’t decided by which player has the best memory, but whose is the least bad because the girls are awful at this. One girl even matches her own bra and is forced to remove it. The situation isn’t helped when one player mixes up the cards. If you’ve watched Sassy for a while, you know how much she hates to lose her socks, especially when it’s cold, which it is.

The 69-ing begins, and it’s immediately apparent that one of the players had done this before and knew her way around a woman’s pussy, while the other had much less experience or none at all. But she gives it her best, and the seasoned veteran shows her the ropes. Not literally, but maybe later.