Strip Hi-Lo Trivia with Lily, Mary, and Amber

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Welcome to another episode of "Before They Were Sluts" at Lost Bets B-Sides. Here we have a game, This was actually the first game they played that day, before what would become episode 043. I published 043 first 'cuz I thought it was way hot... but shortly after, I lost the hard drive that I'd captured the tapes to. It's taken three years, but I've finally recapped the footage and made ready to publish all the goodies from that day.

They play Hi-Lo Trivia. Here's how it works: the answer to each question is a number. The first girl reads the question, the second guesses the answer, the third says "higher" or "lower". If she guesses wrong, she has to strip, and if she guesses right, the second girl has to strip. Then they rotate who asks the question and who answers. Many thanks to Crosis for coming up with the questions. Keep in mind, again, that this was in 2008 and some of the answers have changed with time.

They play to two losers, who have to mutually masturbate each other for five minutes. They're not very gracious about it, but it's still a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

By the way, all the information in the trivia questions was gleaned from public sources. The use of any trademarks is purely nominative and should not be construed to imply any relationship with or endorsement by their owners.