Roadies (Experimental Scene)

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Hey guys, this is Experimental Scene that is not a proper LBG Content, it was shot by our friend Mike, and we wanted to see how do you like this content, so let us know if its Yay or nay :)

Scene Description:

Natalie and Zoe are the two finalists in the competition to be the next Roadie for Stillwater. Aften, Stillwater's road manager, is going through with Natalie and Zoe what they must do today to try and break the tie. She explains that the band has a somewhat unorthodox method of breaking the tie but it sounds like both Natalie and Zoe are game! that is until they each find out later that after still being tied they need to NAKED WRESTLE each other! Zoe is game but Natalie not so much, she immediately starts walking away until Zoe calls her a CHICKEN! from then on IT"S ON! the girls though are STILL TIED even after the wrestling so Randy Reed, the lead singer who's now there with them tells them to STRIP his road manager AFTEN and wrestle her on the bed!! wouldn't you know it.. IT"S STILL TOO CLOSE TO CALL, there can only be one event left to do to see who is truly worthy! without going into spoilers let's just say it's good to be a ROCK STAR!