Lily, Elise, Amber & Sean Pie Eating Contest

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We saw this group go for dinner at a local hamburger drive-thru, now it's time for dessert. With their hands behind their backs, they dig into a luscious whipped cream pie.
The last one to finish gets coated with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sticky maple syrup. This isn't a simple coat of whipped cream and syrup mind you. The ENTIRE bottle of maple syrup gets emptied onto the poor loser. The entire mess is then rubbed all over the loser (not missing any nooks and crannies). Additionally, the 3 winners (and the camera) get up close and personal to make sure that the loser is completely coated. We are also treated to the clean up and shower (and further inspection by the winners to make sure the loser is squeaky clean). While the clip is a bit long, the pie eating is completed after 6 minutes leaving plenty of time to enjoy the loser's predicament.