Daniella, Aurianna & Lily Play Strip Jester

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Veteran Lily. Rookie Danielle. And complete n00b Aurianna gather to play a simple game of Jester, which again, is not so easy for them to do right now, but eventually there are two naked losers. It's those two who have to play the second game.

A nice big massager is placed between them, both of them pressing their pussies against it. Initially, the rule was going to be that whoever came first lost, but the girls switched it to whoever couldn't stand it anymore and jumped away lost. That girl gets a forfeit, whil ethe winner collapses motionless and exhausted on the bed.

What's the forfeit? Masturbation. Yeah, I probably could have thought that one through better, and it might not been so bad if the girls hadn't changed the rules like that, but the poor winner to rub her extremely sensitive pussy. Oh, and did I mention she had to do it in front of the window? We were up for a few stories, but people on the street could still see our window if they cared to look up.

Also, there was a convention of church ladies in the hotel. Really...there was a convention of them. We'll meet some of them in a later clip, but for now, there bus was there. Did they look up? Did they see? I'm pretty sure the ultimate loser faked her orgasm at the end. Usually I don't tolerate that sort of thing, insisting that a masturbation to orgasm forfeit is a masturbation to orgasm forfeit, but in this case I let it slide.