Elise, Amber, Lily, Sean Screw-Your-Neighbor

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These four lovelies return to play Screw Your Neighbor. Never played it? It's simple. Everyone gets dealt one card. If you get a king, turn it face up and you are safe, nobody can take it from you. Starting to the dealer's left, each player gets the choice of keeping her card or switching with the player to her left. Dealer gets the choice of swapping with the top card of the deck. Low card loses, and strips.

This game is played to two naked losers, and the two not-naked winners get to draw all over them with markers.

By the way, this game was played completely fairly, and was not fixed in any way, on my honor as a pornographer. You'll notice some cuts; these are because of confusion with the rules on the part of the players, especially one player who I will not name because I do not want embarass HIM. But I made sure the glitches did not interfere with the outcome.