Ashley and Amber Play Battleship

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Another game of Battlestrip featuring Amber, but this time with the lovely fan-favorite Ashley as her opponent. I finally wised up and realized that regular ol' Battlestrip takes too long, so the rule here was that the outer rim of the board was off-limits to ships. This made the game go by at a much better pace, IMHO.

The girls agreed on a forfeit before the game but forgot to announce it until well after the game started, so I'm going to treat the forfeit as a spoiler: The loser has to do a calisthenics routine, featuring star jumps, butt crunches, and jumping jacks. Don't look at the clip category if you don't want to know. This forfeit, by the way, was suggested to me by customers via email and on our blog... if there's something you want to see, tell us about it and you just might!

I really like the way this one turned out. It was my first shoot with multiple cameras (and I hadn't yet learned the importance of holding one's hands steady while shooting handheld), but these are two of my favorite girls and their first time together, and they set each other off beautifully. Look for more of these two to come. And if you need to know who lost: Amber. As usual.