Strip DaCunt Americans vs Canadians

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Yes, I know, the name of this game is kind of juvenile, but I just couldn't resist the pun. Do you like fishsticks?

Four girls square off in teams of two to try to shoot as many mechanical ducks (get it?) as they can. Representing Team Canada are the very first girls to play at, Ashton and Mia, back for an encore. Team USA features returning hottie Julie, and she's brought her adorable friend, redheaded Sammy.

This game is played sudden- style. Each girl has one minute to mow down as many ducks as she can, and then whichever team has the lower combined score has to strip totally naked. And then, as is appropriate before any US v. Canada sporting event, sing both national anthems. It's very close, but some real Annie Oakley marksmanship on the part of Ashton pulls out the victory for the Canadians. They're good sports and help the Americans with O Canada, although they stay dressed.