Ashton vs The Expert

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"We could play this all day! Can we play this game again?"

Those were Ashton's last words on camera after utterly crushing poor Mia at Four-in-a-Row. And while Mia was in the bathroom scrubbing the ink off her skin, Ashton was still gloating.

My buddy Aidan was tagging along for the shoot to help out. He's been after me for some time to use a sort of "Beat the Expert" format, with girls competing against a self-proclaimed expert at a certain game to win valuable cash prizes, or lose their clothes. With Ashton going on about her mad Four-in-a-Row skillz, he saw his chance. He whipped out a twenty and challenged her.

This was unexpected, and I had to scramble to get the camera and mic set up again. I'm glad I did. I realize that few people view these clips for the quality and skill of the gameplay, but really, this features some of the best Four-in-a-Row I've ever seen played. It was almost like watching two chess grandmasters at work, only instead of old Russian men, we had a hot Canadian chick.