Ashton and Mia Play Strip Four In A Row

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Ashton and Mia are back to play Strip Four-in-a-Row, wearing cute yellow springtime outfits. Their last game of this was nearly a year ago.

In that game, Ashton managed to beat (and spank) Mia while keeping her underwear and her modesty intact. Will history repeat itself, or will Mia pull off the victory?

If you need to know the answer, highlight the spoiler.

Ashton smoked Mia, beating her 5 games to 2.

The winner gets to give us an anatomy lesson on the body of the loser, using a marker to point out all the interesting areas. I don't think the terms she used were accepted medical terminology, but what the hell.

This was a crushing victory, and the winner was quite smug about her win. She gloats about it, and she kept on gloating even after I turned off the camera. That kind of hubris can get you into trouble...