Sasha & Vivian Play Strip High Card

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I love the bodies of every single girl who's played a game here at I think they're all hot and sexy. that being said...I've been a little distressed by their lack of ethnic diversity. Not that I have anything at all against white chicks, but I really would like to see a broader spectrum of color on this site.

That's why I was so glad to meet Sasha and Vivian, two lovely lasses of Puerto Rican descent. Hey, it's a start. For their first appearance they played our simples game, High Card. They each draw a card, whoever gets the low card has to strip. Showing alot more foresight than most girls show when preparing for a game, they both layered up with lots of clothing to give themselves an advantage. Despite that, this game was very close all the way, coming right down to the wire. The forfeit? Well, this shoot, like most of mine, took place in a hotel, and the loser had to go out into the hallway stark naked and run down to the end and back. Complicating things... well, as I said in the description for Danielle, Aurianna, and Lily play Strip Jester (which took place in the same hotel), there was a convention of church ladies in town. While the naked loser was standing nervously in the doorway waiting to make sure them demands that I move the camra before they'll pass. Isn't that special?