Strip Candy Passing with Julie, Elizabeth, and Claire

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Here's a brand-new game, suggested by a fan, which I think turned out really well. We'll have to use it again sometime soon.

Three girls. One puts a candy-covered chocolate in her mouth and kisses the girl to her left.

The third girl has to watch carefully and then decide which of the other two has the candy. If she's wrong, she has to strip. If she's right, the other two do. A girl has to keep playing even after she's naked, but if she loses again, she gets the forfeit.

Which is to be the platform for a girl sundae... whipped cream, chocolate sauce, butterscotch, strawberry sauce, and a cherry on top. Then the other two lick it off her chest. Turns out the loser has very ticklish boobies. (The loser, by the way, is Claire, although Julie ends up topless.)