Mia Ashley and Ashton Play Strip Jingo

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You know this game, right? A wooden tower is set up by stacking layers of three boards each. The players take turns removing a block (except from the top four rows) and placing it on top. When somebody knocks down the tower... off come her clothes. Then she gets to stand there, naked on display, while the other two rebuild the tower and play again. The girl who knocks down the tower joins the naked loser, and they both perform a forfeit chosen by the winner.

Simple enough, but these girls were determined not to lose, and played to win. And apparently they have the ability to defy gravity, I was amazed that the tower stayed up as long as it did. Every time I was sure there were no more blocks to remove without toppling the tower, the girls proved me wrong. As a result, this clip is over half an hour long!