Darts with Ashley and Amber

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These two are trying something a little bit different this time... this idea was suggested by a fan, and I figured it'd be worth a try. You'll have to judge for yourself how well it worked, but in the meantime... if you have ideas, if there's something you think would make a great stripping game or a great forfeit, post about it on the blog or email it to us!

They're here to play darts. Each girl throws three darts, and the lowest combined score loses. The twist is that the stripping is all-or-nothing... the loser doesn't lose a piece of clothing, she loses one of her five chips. If she doesn't have any chips to lose, she loses the game and her clothes. The winner gets to strip her naked. Then it's off to the showers, where the winner gets to scrub the loser clean all over. If you need to know who lost, it was Amber.