Amber and Ashley play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors

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Ashley's back!!! It's been quite a while (almost 10 months) since she last risked her clothes for us. In that time 23 new girls and 2 guys have risked their clothing and modesty. This time she faces off against Amber.

First up is a game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with the losert going over the winner's knee for 10 swats to each cheek.
Since Amber's initial series with Mary (which she lost way more than she won), she has found some success in our games (managing to only lose once in the series with Elise, Lily, and Sean). Will her winning ways continue or will the veteran Ashley take her back down a peg.

Really want to know who wins: It's a close one as both girls end up bottomless, but in the end, it's Ashley who prevails.