Addie, Stacy, Mary, and Lily play Strip Jester

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Four-player games have been few and far between at, and I'm pleased to introduce this foursome, featuring three girls we've seen before (but never all together), plus one brand new girl. Please welcome Stacy to the site, and let me know if you'd like to see more of her.

The girls play Jester. This is an unusual game in that it's the first time I've ever actually done a two-camera shoot... one camera fixed on a tripod, the other in my hand. (My new production assistant, Prudella, was in the room, but she didn't feel comfortable operating the camera yet. That changed, and she'll play a role in an upcoming game.) My first attempt at splicing together a two-camera game is comically amateur.. you can actually see me poke the handheld lens into frame on a few shots. Oh well, I'll get better with practice.