Ashton and Mia play Battlestrip

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Yep, that's right, Battlestrip. Clever, innit?

Each ship on the board represents a specific piece of clothing, and when that ship is sunk, that piece is lost, so those of you who like it when the clothes can come off in any order should be happy. Battlestrip, it turns out, can take like 40 minutes, so to speed things up, I forbade the girls from putting ships in any of the squares around the edge of the board. And the girls played it where if you scored a hit you got to go again, which I'm not sure is strictly according to Hoyle, but whatever, y'know?

And the forfeit? Well, you may remember that these two girls competed awhile back to determine who would have to open her legs on video for the first time ever. The girl who lost that one... well, her fans know she's extremely competitive and wouldn't be satisfied to leave things at that. She wanted the other girl to have to show off everything too, so she challenged for a rematch. This time, the loser not only has to spread her legs, but the winner gets to squirt cold whipped cream right on a very sensitive place. Yummy.