Best in Show with Zayda, Franco, Dick, and Holly

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Presenting Best in Show, where doggies and masters compete to find out which pup is more obedient, athletic, and graceful. Of course, these aren't real , they're the losers from last week's game of Pong. As their punishment, they have to wear the leashes for this one.

The doggies compete in five events:

1.Treat Catching. The squat on a bench while the owners toss doggie treats at them. Whichever doggie catches the most treats with his or her mouth wins.
2.Obstacle course. The master must lead the to jump through a hoop, crawl through a tube, then climb a slide and slide down. Whichever completes the course faster is the winner.
3.Doggie dance. The master leads the through a free-form routine on the trampoline. They're judged on grace, skill, and creativity.
4.Fetch. The masters throw a toy, and the must retrieve them with their teeth. Five throws, whichever doggie finishes first wins.
5.Obedience. The masters must make the execute commands... three "compulsories" and two free-form creative commands of the master's choosing. The are judged based on how well they obey.

Johnny Niceguy and Naomi return to serve as MC/judges. Oh, and for every event, the losing 's master must take off a piece of clothing. When all is said and done, the ultimate losing pair gets sprayed with four liters of cola then has to shower it off.