Strip Bender with Claire, Julie, and Elizabeth

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Brand new game! Can you believe that it took us this many episodes to get around to this classic?

Three girls convolute themselves on the mat, while friend Troy spins the spinner and calls the shots. And these three are terminally cute. I don't think they played the game according to Hoyle, but it hardly matters. One of these girls is really, really good at this game. One is a cheater. And the last, while I love her body, I must admit it's really not built for Bender. The other two, far too kindly, let her get away with flagrant rule violations, and she still had her generous ass handed to her.

In fact, their (and Troy's) tolerance for her violations finally got to the point where I had to step in. This clip therefore features my voice. If you recognize me, please don't tell my mother. (The girl paid for her rulebreaking with an impromptu forfeit of 10 jumping jacks. It's a pleasant sight.)