Strip Ball-Drop with Sammy and Julie

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Been awhile since we've had a wet-and-messy forfeit. Time to fix that.

In the past, our wet-and-messy forfeits have involved things like whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and pancake syrup. Those are fine, but variety is the spice of life, so this time the loser is going to get covered with enormous warehouse-club-sized tubs of tomato sauce and applesauce. Yummy. And also, thanks to requests from WAM fans, the loser is going to get it in her long hair, either red or strawberry blonde.

New game this time, too. Each player puts five marbles on a playing board, which is covered with sliding strips, some of which have holes in them. The object is to manipulate the strips to cause your opponent's balls to drop through the holes. Each one costs her a piece of clothing, until the naked loser is receiving an unusual skin treatment.