Strip Memory with Ashley and Tiana

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Hoo boy, was this one fun.

Ashley, one of the most popular players at, returns to bet her body against newcomer Tiana (Tia for short), a statuesque ebony goddess. These two had never met before, but they hit it off like... well, you'll see.

They play a game of Strip Memory. If you've seen any of Ashley's previous attempts to play Strip Memory, you might remember that she isn't very good at it. But as it turns out, Tia is quite a slouch herself. It turns out to be a very close game, but in the end, there can be only one, and she gets to have her way with the loser with the vibrator and the glass dildo, simultaneously. They discover that touching the one with the other has powerful effects. The loser's toes curl as she's brought to multiple orgasms.