Strip Elefino with Amberly and Lily

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Here's a brand-new game featuring a girl we haven't seen in a really long time and a forfeit suggested by a fan. Good times.

Strip Elefino: a plastic elephant with a gigantic, phallic nose and a nasal cavity filled with butterflies. He shootes 'em out, girls try to catch them. Amber Heavens makes a guest appearance as referee.

User Armin8512 over at my blog ( pointed me to a fascinating little device called a "pussy pump." It piqued my interest enough to pick one up, and the loser of this one gets it used on her by the winner. I won't say things went exactly according to plan, but it's worth seeing. Thanks, Armin. To everyone else, if you've got an interesting idea, email it to me or post it on the blog. You just might get to see it.