Strip-Tac-Toe with Amberly and Lily

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This isn't just Strip-Tac-Toe, it's electric Strip-Tac-Toe. One girl is red, the other green. There's a 3x3 grid of lights, and if a girl hits one with a beanbag, it switches to a random color. The first girl to get three of her color in a row wins. The other one strips.

The loser has to masturbate... for the winner, and for an old friend who drops by to catch the show. And the winner is not very gracious. She mercilessly taunts the loser while she's desperately trying to make herself cum and get the ordeal over with. Hence, Category: BRAT GIRLS. I can't think of anything more bratty than annoying and distracting someone while she's trying to masturbate.