Strip Cutthroat with Zayda, Franco, and Julie

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Time for another game of pool! This time, it's Cutthroat... if you don't know how to play, it's simple. Three players, each has five balls. Zayda has 1-5, Julie 6-10, Franco 11-15. If one of your balls is sunk (no matter who sunk it) you lose a piece of clothing. Each player is only wearing four pieces, though, so they have to keep playing another round even after they're naked.

I should mention, guys, that these people all really suck at pool. I mean, I really suck at pool and I could probably wipe the table with these guys. Do not buy this clip expecting to see skillful use of a cue stick.

Once we have our two losers, two volunteers are chosen from the audience to administer paddlings to them. Then, whichever volunteer did the worse job of tanning the loser's hide has to strip naked and take a paddling him- or herself. (Honestly, I think one of the volunteers got set up... but that's just me.)