Strip screw-Your-Neighbor with Franco, Zayda, Jay, Sky, Lexi, Johnny, Julie, Lieza, and Naomi

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Whew! Behold our first ever nine-player game! Veterans Johnny, Julie, and Naomi join rookies Franco, Zayda, Jay, Sky, and Lexi, along with sophomore Lieza for a six-girl, three-guy free-for-all. Each time a player loses a piece of clothing, he or she has to stand in front of the group, strip, and do a twirl to give everyone (and the cameras) a good look. The ultimate losers (there are four of them) have to give the cameras an even better look.

The winners grab the cameras and get to prowl around the losers, dictating poses for them, and filming whatever they'd like. By the way, since several of the happenings during this game seem to have a low statistical likelihood of happening, I want to emphasize that this game was played completely fairly, and was not fixed or rigged in any way. (I did decide to play to four losers, to guarantee that at least one loser would be female.)