Two Games with Paris and Ashley (and Alan)

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WOW! Not one but two complete games, featuring two fan favorite girls, for a bargain price! What's the catch? Well, here's the thing. These videos were shot a long time ago, when I was still very new to this, and as a result feature some of the worst videography I've ever been embarrassed to publish. Worse, it was my first day with the new mic, and I didn't realize how badly it'd pick up the sounds of the camera and tripod. The best thing that can be said about the quality here is that it shows how far I've come.

But the content is still good. First up, Ashley and Paris play Battlestrip. Loser has to open her legs, then open her lips, and show all while she counts backwards from 20. Next up, Alan challenges the ladies to a game of Strip Darts. This one isn't even close, and the two losers are soon letting it all hang out as they do ten jumping jacks (with instant reply in super slo-mo.)