Strip Four-in-a-Row with Addie and Malloy

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I teased this game a long time ago, and I'm pleased to finally publish it. These two cuties square off in a game of skill, and the loser has to ride the sybian until she comes.

Honestly, before I got into this business, I'd never heard of a sybian and had no idea what it was. (These days, on more than one occasion at my "real" job, I've accidentally said "sybian" when I meant "Symbian"; I can only hope that my colleagues are as ignorant as I once was.) In case you don't know, it's a motor with a dildo attached via a very clever mechanism that allows the thing to rotate as well as vibrate. The motor is pretty powerful, too... sounds like a lawnmower when it's turned on. Or a jet engine. It drives the poor loser crazy, until she can't take it anymore and collapses, convulsing in orgasm. (She left a little wet spot on the carpet, too.) If you really need to know who the loser was, it was ...