Strip Fuck-It with Chrissy and Kym

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Welcome two beautiful new girls to! Bespectacled Chrissy faces off against buxom Kym, with their dignity on the line. (Kym, by the way, is a real trooper who showed up to play despite being afflicted with laryngitis. Personally, I just think it makes her sound even cuter.)

The loser of this one has to go down to the hotel lobby bar and buy drinks, wearing nothing but duct tape over her nipples and a thong. Actually, both players have to go down, the loser in the tape-and-thong, the winner in whatever she was wearing when the game's over. There's been some debate over this format, with some saying that the winner should get dressed before they go down. While I see the merits to this point of view (and will use it in the future), there's just something about tricking girls into starting the game before they realize that, win or lose, they're probably going to be showing off a lot of skin.

The loser even has some friends who were in the bar who call her name when they see her. Not pre-arranged in any way, honest. Oh, and the loser, if you must know, was ...