Strip Jarvis with Maya and Je C

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Je C and Maya square off for their last match, testing their luck in a game of pure chance to see who's going to have to show off an awful lot of skin to the patrons of the hotel bar. The loser goes down wearing only a thong and a couple of pieces of duct tape over her nipples.

There were a couple of glitches. First of all, the initial plan was for the winner to lead the loser (who was Maya, if you must know) into the bar on a leash. That started out smoothly enough, but while the hotel security folks were relatively tolerant of me sending girls into the bar wearing very, very little, having one of 'em leashed went a bit too far and they made her take it off. Then, the barkeep refused service because the loser didn't bring her ID. Like he couldn't tell she was an adult by looking for her.