Ashton and Mia play Strip Hi-Lo

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Ah, these two. The very first girls ever to play at, and two of my favorites. They're just so cute.

When I first met them, they were pretty shy, and weren't willing to risk even opening their legs on camera. I eventually managed to talk them into it, and one of them ended up having to scissor open her legs for our viewing pleasure. Not too happy with that, she challenge the winner to a rematch... and lost that one, too.

Now they're back, with the double loser trying yet again to get her friend to show off what she had to show off. To make the experience even more revealing, the winner will not only have to open her legs, she'll have to remove her pussy hair, to make sure everyone can see everything. This was the last game they played, and the last chance for the loser to get her revenge.