Strip Fuck-It with Claire, Elizabeth, and Julie

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These three are back, to play a brand new game for the first time. And that's not all that'll be happening for the first time...

First, the game. Obviously that's not its real name, which is a trademark, but here's how it works. As you hold the thing, it gives you instructions: "pull it!" or "spin it!" or "flick it!", etc, and it has things for pulling, spinning, and flicking and so forth. Sometimes it tells you to "pass it", and you hand it off to the next girl and pray that somebody else fucks up before it gets to you.

And the girls really wanted to win this one. The contestants at vary on what they're willing to risk, and these three are among our shyest. In their previous games, neither Julie nor Elizabeth has been willing to open her legs as a penalty for losing... they just did not want to show off "that" part to the camera and the world. (Claire, of course, has never opened her legs on camera because she's never been naked on camera before, except during her last game.)

I had to talk really fast to get these three to accept. Julie especially was extremely reluctant to put it all on the line. Up until the cameras started rolling I was worried that she'd back out. (Full disclosure: I gave the girls the forfeit in an envelope, but they knew it'd involve leg-spreading.) If you see any apprehension or nervousness on the part of the players, that ain't acting. And their friend Troy was there to watch and enjoy the show.

Three girls enter. Only one girl keeps her modesty. This one is one of my personal favorites, and I hope you like it too.