Strip No-Name with Candle and Kimberly

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Candle and Kimberly are here to play this game which (as yet) has no name, involving sliding colored pucks at each other while a computerized voice shouts at them. It's a lot of fun, and quite challenging.

I love these two girls. Not only are they both hot, they've got great banter. They're quick with a taunt. And one of them is going to end up awfully exposed. I had my lovely but chaste production assistant Prudella comb through porno magazines looking for explicit poses, which she cut out and put in an envelope. The loser of this one has to pick three of them at random, and imitate the poses on them.

For Kimberly, at least, this would be kind of a big deal. See, Kimberly's a model, but up until now she's only done "Playboy-style" nudes, that is, with her legs nicely closed. To do the kind of show-everything open-leg poses typically found in porno mags would be something she's never done before... and she really preferred to keep it that way. I had to talk pretty fast to get her to agree to risk it.

Despite the fact that I was really hoping she'd lose and give all of us at the very first unobstructed view of her privates, this game was completely fair and not rigged in any way. If Kimberly won, she'd escape with her modesty and dignity intact. Did she?