Snip Memory with Zayda and Holly

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Introducing new girl Holly, playing Snip Memory against returning girl Zayda. New guy Dick and returning guy Franco are also in this one, although as scissors-wielding spectators rather than players.

I need to say something about Holly. Actually, I'll let someone else say something about Holly: "I'm surprised she has enough brains to breathe. I'm surprised she doesn't drown in the shower." Nice girl, but about as sharp as a sack of wet mice, if you take my meaning. If you like 'em cute and stupid, Holly's your type. (Oh, you can probably throw "slutty" in the mix as well. Her protestations of "no, don't, I'm so embarrassed" whenever she loses sound really hollow.)

This is Snip Memory, meaning that whenever a girl's clothing cards are matched, one of the guys gets to cut it off of her. (This means you want to match the other girl's cards, not your own... a concept a little too advanced for Holly to grasp, but frankly I think all of the ones she matched were a matter of sheer coincidence rather than skill, so it doesn't really matter.)