Strip Jarvis with Zayda and Amber Heavens

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What the heck is Jarvis, you ask? Hang on a sec, I'll get to that.

There's backstory to this game. For the full details, see our blog at, but in a nutshell, Amber Heavens (formerly known as Naomi, formerly known as Kat) had retired from being in front of the camera, but she really really wanted to go to a particular concert. I, on the other hand, really really wanted to see her eat pussy, which she in turn really really didn't want to do, so we made a bet. One fair game, vs. Zayda, and if she lost, she'd be down on the ground munching carpet.

I ran a poll on the blog asking whether they should play a game of skill or a game of chance. Chance won 57%-42%, so I came up with Jarvis. One girl is black cards, the other is red cards. The cards are spread out facedown, and the girls take turns drawing cards until three of one color are drawn, and that girl has to strip. Or, more accurately, that girl gets stripped by the other girl.