Ice Race with Mo and Lola

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This is only the second Ice Race we've had at (the first one was all the way back at episode 127) but it won't be the last... these things are invariably hilarious.

Two girls, clad in only bra and panties. One hotel room. One ice machine, not terribly close to the room. Two empty buckets. First girl to fill her bucket with ice wins. Of course, she has nothing to carry the ice in, except her underwear, so she has to stuff it as full as possible before making a mad dash back to the room to dump the ice into the bucket. Repeat until one girl wins, and two girls are very cold and wet.

The loser gets her clothes stripped off while the winner doodles our slogan on her back, then covers her nipples with duct tape and her crotch with a thong, and they head down to the bar for a drink. Oh, and one other thing: the loser gets a remote-control vibrator stuck in the front of her thong. (Sadly, hotel security took a dim view of this, and made her remove it... the vibrator, not the thong.) Good times, and a pair of very nice tits swinging free in public.