You Bet Your Ass! with Johnny and Kat

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Once upon a time, we filmed a game show in front of a live studio audience. Because of certain complications we aren't free to show you all of You Bet Your Ass!, but we'll bring you what we can. (Don't worry, though. Plans are under way for You Bet Your Ass, Too! and rest assured it'll be awesome.)

Hosting the show were Johnny Niceguy, who didn't look at all like a used car salesman, and his lovely assistant Kat. Before each round of play, Johnny and Kat demonstrated the game with a quick match against each other, with the clothes coming off as they lost. They played a stonking great 5 games between them, with the last one being for all the marbles. While the initial forfeit was "winner's choice", the wager was settled by the end of the evening to include; bondage, spankings, sticky stuff, anal beads and oral sex. If you want to know who had to do which, read the spoiler (but trust us, you'll enjoy the game a lot more if you don't read the spoiler). These games (and the events following) were not in any way rigged, the wager was real, and both Johnny and Kat played to win.