Strip Basketball with Elise, Jane, Zayda, and Bijou

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Okay, so let me set the stage here. I hate rigging the games, or interfering with their fair play. But on the other hand, sometimes I really, really want a particular player to lose... maybe because she's had a ridiculous winning streak and has so far managed to escape suffering an embarrassing forfeit. So one of my favorite tricks is to play a completely fair game, but make the rule that whoever wins a round gets to pick somebody to take something off.

Usually, I don't even have to mention that this rule makes it possible for the girls to gang up on an unfortunate victim. Usually, I see evil grins and sidelong glances on the faces of the players as they realize the opportunity before them. And usually, the girl I wanted to lose ends up losing.

In this case, whoever loses this game of Strip Basketball is going to get attacked by the other three, using a wide assortment of toys from the collection I've amassed over the years. And I was really looking forward to seeing Zayda get the treatment. I thought for sure she wouldn't stand a chance. But Zayda is skillful, clever, and cunning. She made shots when she needed to, wheedled the other players into choosing other girls to strip, and in the end, put herself in a position to win. I was standing dumbfounded behind a camera as she lined up for a shot that would send some other poor girl to the fate I'd planned for her