Strip Starving Hippos with Bijou, Jane, Elise, and Zayda

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This one's a bit of a smorgasbord, with several different facets. First, there's the stripping method. Each girl wears three pieces of clothing, and each time she gets a marble, she gets to draw a card from a field containing two of each article of clothing everyone's wearing. The first time a card for a piece of clothing is drawn, the girl has to take that piece off. The second time, that piece of clothing gets shredded by the winners.

They play until two losers have all their clothes destroyed, and then they have to play a penalty game: an orgasm race, with the two ladies straddling the massager, trying not to be the first one to come. One of the losers had never used this particular brand (which is not in any way associated with this production) of massager before, but confidently opined that nothing could force her to orgasm against her will. She was wrong.

Finally, the loser, still bathed in the afterglow of her orgasm, has her hands cuffed behind her back, whereupon she is tickled for five solid minutes. Fun