Snip Surgery with Julie, Elizabeth, and Claire

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Beautiful Claire. There's definitely something about Clairy, something about her short mop of hair or her dimpled smile, but whatever it is, she's very real and very compelling. She's also one of the girls I've had the most requests to see more of. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from her in over two years, despite repeated attempts to get in touch with her. It seems tragically likely that I'm not going to see her in front of my camera again.

Fortunately for the world, though, I found this "lost episode" featuring her, showcasing all her traits that make her so awesome. (I don't want to take anything away from her opponents, Elizabeth and Julie, both of whom are entirely awesome in their own right, but they've made repeat appearances.) It's a long one but a good one.

The three girls play Surgery, with the losers having their clothes cut off of them by the winners. They keep playing when naked, until a naked girl loses again. The other two girls get to deliver a bare-handed spanking, each winner taking one cheek. And they'd better do a good job, because when they're done, Troy (offscreen) judges which one did a better job of reddening her designated cheek. The loser of that has to take a spanking from the other two.