Dicksaber Duel with Princess Lily and Darth RyAnne

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Princess Lily is hiding out in the Freedom Fighter base (cleverly disguised as a modestly-appointed suburban living room) when she's surprised by the evil Darth RyAnne. They whip out their Dicksabers and start swinging at each other, using a mystical force known as the Power. They'd better be careful, though: if a girl gets hit by a Dicksaber in an article of clothing, that article will disintegrate!

The girls fight valiantly, but in the end, there can be only one. Once one of the combatants's clothing has been completely destroyed, leaving her exposed and vulnerable, her victorious opponent uses the Power to make her her bitch... literally. A quick bolt from her saber, and the loser's mind is wiped out, to be replaced with the mind of a dawg (the correct spelling of which Clips4Sale inexplicably censors).. The winner has some fun with her new pet, leashing her, feeding her from a bowl, and making her do tricks. Good doggie!