Strip Air Hockey with Aubrey, Belle, Cherry, and Devon

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Julie came up to pay a visit with nine of her close friends, and this is the first game that was played that day. Four of the girls play a fast-paced game of air hockey. They start off 2 vs. 2, with the teams forcing the other team to strip each other with every point scored. Once we have two losers, they play each other 1-on-1, stark naked, until somebody's scored three points.

The loser has to submit to being the star attraction in a 3-on-1 gangbang in front of the crowd and the cameras, featuring Julie's friends Johannes and Skittles, and also featuring the return of Johnny in a boning role. You're welcome, Johnny. There's some pretty wild stuff here. It ends with the loser (*****) getting two pearl necklaces. (The third guy chose to save his load for later.)