Strip Snapper with Kodak, Bibi, Tori, and Cody

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When these four made their debut in episode 237, they were an instant hit with the fans, and it's not hard to see why. They return for their second game, and I really doubt that it will hurt their popularity in any way.

They're the first to try the new game of Strip Snapper. Each girl has a color and a fishing pole. A lake of fish spins in front of them, with the fish opening their mouths and snapping them shut. They're trying to catch all of the fish belonging to the other girls. As soon as all of a girl's fish are caught, she has to take something off.

Two losers have to masturbate for the winners, for the camera crew, and of course for you. Something a little itneresting: when I told the girls what the forfeit would be, one of them (Cody) protested that she had never masturbated before. Hard to believe? Yeah, that's what I thought, but why would she lie about something like that? So assuming that she was telling the truth, if she lost, everyone would not only get to see her masturbating, they'd see her masturbating for the first time.