Strip Team Noname with Jessie, Nyssa, Ember, and Chelsea

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UPDATE: Sorry guys, we have an issue with this clip, a new one was added for this week and we'll return with the proper version of this video asap.

So here's an interesting one. Some of the players at are experienced professional models, while others are complete amateurs. A fan named realnot posted on the blog ( asking if I'd ever do a pro vs. amateur game. I told him I didn't think it was likely before realizing that this one here fits the bill pretty well.

We last saw Jessie when she was giving a ride to Tiana and her friends, then got talked into playing a couple of games. She returns with her friend Chelsea. They're the amateurs, and they're joined by new girls Ember and Nyssa, both of whom have a lot more modeling experience under their belts.

It starts with Jessie and Nyssa vs. Chelsea and Ember in a game of "team Noname". After that, a second game is played: the losers of the Noname game have to get on the couch and spread 'em, while the winners are armed with vibrators trying to force them to orgasm. It's pro-vibrating-amateur vs. amateur-vibrating-pro. Who will be able to hold out? A spanking awaits whoever can't.

The remainder of this clip description will contain some unconcealed spoilers about what happened (although not about who won). If you don't want 'em, stop reading.

After the first game but before the vibrating, the losing pro said that it was impossible for her to cum without being penetrated by a cock. And the losing amateur said that she hadn't had an orgasm in over three years and didn't think she'd be able to have one either. "Should we fake it?" asked the pro. No, I said, let's just see what happens. So off they went.

Before too long, the pro was writhing around in what looked to me like feigned excitement. I was about to interrupt and tell her to knock it off when I happened to look over at the amateur. Her eyes were closed, her lips were parted, and a deep flush was covering her face and spreading down to her chest. As I watched, she visibly struggled to fight the obviously-real ecstasy that the vibrator was uncontrollably pumping into her clit. I decided against interrupting and just watched the unfolding drama.