Strip Mogadishu with Salem and Lumen

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Please welcome two new, young, fresh-faced girls. I met Lumen through my intern Casper's sister, and she brought her friend Salem. Lumen, by the way, is just a month on the legal side of 18, and Salem isn't much older.

They play Mogadishu, our five-way variant of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The loser gets a baby-oil rubdown. (They're new and young, I'll try to coax them into risking more daring forfeits in the coming months and years.) By the way, this game (and the others played that day, coming soon) was played in a house with a nonfunctional furnace, on a chilly November day. We brought in a radiator, but it wasn't much help and the air was still pretty cold. Can you tell?