Jerk-A-Mole with Julie and Kandie

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Here's a battle between two tiny-titted girls, with permanent consequences, at least for the winner.

They play the game of Jerk-a-Mole, which is kind of like Whac-a-Mole, except you use dildos instead of mallets. The loser has to submit to being thoroughly fucked by her "mallet". The rules didn't say the winner could finger the loser's clit as well, but she took it on herself to do it anyway.

In addition to getting to use the loser like a plaything, the winner gets another prize as well: new, bigger boobs. Now, I'm a big fan of tits in all their countless variety, including the teensy kind, but if a girl wants surgical enhancement, that's fine too. We get to see the winner (Kandie) showing off her new boobs the day after she got them, and again a few weeks later when the swelling has gone down. (The unwanted swelling, anyway.)