Strip High Card with Leda, Marie, and Alice

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Three more girls join the roster. There's blonde Alice, dimpled Marie, and Leda. Leda has a very unusual physical characteristic. I didn't know she had it when I invited her to play, but if I had known, I doubt it would have stopped me, because variety is the spice of life. Nevertheless, some people will doubtless find it off-putting or disconcerting, so I figure I'd best tell you about it. (No, it's not a penis.) I'll put it in spoiler text, so the more adventurous can let themselves be surprised: Leda is a survivor of breast cancer. She was in the process of undergoing reconstructive surgery on her breasts, and to make a long story short: she's got no nipples at the moment. She calls herself a Barbie.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about this game. It's a simple game of high card, lowest card strips, game ends when a girl who's lost all her clothes loses again. Then the winners get to do whatever they want to the loser (who was Marie). Because of the winner's choice nature of the forfeit, I'll put that in spoiler text too.