Strip Pod Stomp with Kyle, Lumen, Julie, and Fern

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Brand-new game, brand-new forfeit, two brand-new players, two extremely popular returning players. Who could ask for more?

Ethereal beauty Lumen returns with her friend Fern. Both are just a few weeks past their 18th birthdays. (I actually sent a copy of Fern's ID to the state Department of Licensing to verify that it was legit.) Meanwhile, Julie's back, with a friend. Julie doesn't drive, so she always arrives with a friend, usually male. Sometimes that friend is willing to participate (hi, Troy!) or even play (hi, Vince!) Kyle didn't know he'd be asked to play, but he eagerly accepted. Meanwhile, Lumen and Fern didn't even know that a guy would be playing alongside them. Lumen looks great blushing furiously as she's stripped next to Kyle, and averting her eyes from him as he's stripped. It's harder for Fern to visibly blush beneath her Latin complexion, but she does her best.

Pod Stomp is the game. There are five pods on the ground, and a cheerful voice tells the players which pods they have to step on, with it getting more complicated and fast each time. Whoever gets the best time gets to pick someone to remove a piece of clothing.

What forfeit awaits the three (count 'em) naked losers? Well, the Seattle area had some rare snow on the ground, forming a pristine and pure white blanket. What better way to celebrate than by having the three losers go stark naked into the snow, outside, and make some snow angels? (Actually, there are better ways... but they'll have to wait for another episode.)

Julie, by the way, as the most experienced player by far, was cocky enough to say that she was sure enough of victory that she'd remove her stockings last. Was that a wise move on her part?