Strip Barracuda with Angel and Brianna

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Angel hasn't been having much success against Brianna. Three times now she's ended up naked, showing off her pregnant physique, getting vibrated, getting screwed with a glass dildo. That bun in her oven isn't bringing her any luck at all. And now, it's her last chance for revenge.

The game is Strip Barracuda. If you're familiar with the old game show Card Sharks, you'll recognize the rules. If not, figure it out, it's not that complicated. There's a special treat for the loser, who has to put on the slingshot swimsuit/Borat-kini and go on our most extensive stroll yet. The winner's parking meter is running out, so she marches the loser outside and across the crowded street in broad daylight to feed it. Then it's back inside for a round of the hotel, then up to the swimming pool/exercise room area. Lots of people get to enjoy the sight of the loser (Angel, again) wearing nothing but two tiny strips of fabric and insulting doodles courtesy of the winner.