Strip Croc 'n' Balls: Boys vs. Girls

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Whitney and Alexis return to take on AJ and Tony in another battle of the sexes. Last time, the girls lost, and ended up getting their asses tanned by the gleeful boys. This time, they're out for revenge, and the stakes are higher.

They play Croc 'n' Balls, trying to putt a golf ball into the mouth of a crocodile. (Actually, if you think about it, the dudes may have an unfair advantage. Guys spend a lot of time playing with their putts.) Each time somebody successfully sinks a putt, the other gender has to strip off a piece of clothing.

and the losing sex has to put their mouths where their money is, going down on the winners. Either blowjobs or pussy-gobbling, that's what's on the agenda today. Who won?