Strip Snapper with Nyssa, Ember, Chelsea, and Jessie

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Two professional models and two amateurs return for a free-for-all that ends in an interesing forfeit.

It's Strip Snapper, as the girls struggle to catch each other's fish. Whoever loses all her fish loses a piece of clothing. They play until two girls are the losers, and then the winners get to give them a good railing with strap-ons.

As it happens, the losers included one pro (Ember) and one amateur (Chelsea). The winning pro fucked the losing amateur, and the winning amateur fucked the losing pro. And just like the last time I found the difference to be really striking. The pro was moaning and writhing, while the amateur was clenching her teeth and breathing in gasps as a flush spread over her upper body and the sensation overwhelmed her. She'd mentioned that her boyfriend was modestly equipped, and apparently the dildo was more than she could resist.